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The typical monthly cost of advertising on Instagram for Digipromo is between Rs. 7000 and Rs. 12, 000, with a daily cost of about Rs. 250. To find out how much Instagram ads cost in India, keep reading.

In India, how much does Instagram advertising cost?

The average cost per click (CPC) for Instagram sponsored advertisements ranges from 36.69 INR to 146.75 INR. However, with Digipromo’s promotion, you can get this for as little as Rs. 0.8 per click ! Isn’t that ridiculous? But it’s a possibility!

Best Instagram Promotion Packages


Text advertising do not work on Instagram because it is a visual platform.

To reach your audience with Instagram advertisements, you’ll need an image, a group of photographs, or a video (which can be supplemented with text) which you would send to us and then job done !. Just wait and watch thousands of visitors on your site.

The categorization of Instagram promotion packages aids us in delivering the finest possible outcomes to our clients.

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